End to End Solutions from Embedded ECU Device to Secure Managed Cloud. We provide Embedded Software solutions to enable connectivity and big data analytics. Integrated Cloud Analytics and Real-time Embedded Software analyze in real-time data from the car’s sensors and provide advanced alerts to the driver:


The result-products are advanced RT analytics (descriptive, predictive, and prescriptive) employing Machine Learning to adapt to an ever-changing environment, dependent on non-real-time web services. Integration from in-car ECU RT data analytics to and from Cloud.

Mobility management:

  • GPS & inertial navigation,
  • roadside assistance,
  • voice commands,
  • contextual help/offers,
  • Driver Behavior Analytics from the car’s telematics,
  • Parking and localization allocations,
  • Video Analytics and Streaming services.

Driver assistance:

  • Medical assistance,
  • Fuel consumption optimization,
  • Safety: eCALL (regulated, and mandatory in the EU),
  • Real-Time Alerts,
  • Security for Connected Cars.

Vehicle management:

  • Over-the-air vehicle condition diagnosis, service reminders, and tune-ups,
  • Engine controls,
  • Remote operation, transfer of usage data,
  • Geo-Fencing and Location,
  • OTA services – Update Securely remote and reduce recalls.


Offers integration with 3rd Parties to achieve:

  • Intersection movement assistance,
  • Emergency vehicle approaching (notification),
  • Road works warning.


The fusion of sensors input from more than one vehicle, enabling instant reaction through automatic monitoring, alerting, braking, and steering activities (IEEE 802.11p).