Security and OS hardening solutions for automotive-grade software

Cars are going online, which challenges the entire automotive industry.

Our software security team offers OS software hardening and security monitoring software components.

L4B’s security and software experts support IT and software development teams with security concepts – from process design of a comprehensive security management system to system integration and software implementation of the tested security features.

Our primary expertise in POSIX-based OS, like embedded Linux, contributes to our customer’s software design and products. Our OS software hardening and cybersecurity solutions for automotive-grade software include the following expertise:

  • Cryptographic library integration and customization 
  • TLS – Transport Layer Security (TLS) for embedded platforms
  • HSM – Security software for ECUs
  • IDS – Embedded intrusion detection software components 
  • Software Security architectures (ECUs, connected cars, infotainment).
  • Evaluation & Test of Source code analysis, fuzzing, and OS hardening.
  • System design with hardening, embedded software security,
  • Vulnerability analysis (penetration tests, vulnerability scans, exploiting).
  • Embedded Linux and Android OS Vulnerability fixing  (CVE).

please read more about our software development process, which supports our Cybersecurity Security and OS hardening solutions



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