Over-The-Air (OTA) Updates for Embedded OS

With Software or Firmware over-the-air (SOTA or FOTA) updates, L4B supports Automotive OEM’s and Tier1’s to bring their vehicles to the latest changes.

L4B’s solution enables the remote update of connected car‘s ECUs and infotainment systems worldwide.

Nowadays, almost every car equipped with such software as ECU, Infotainment, ADAS, and critical systems.

L4B provides a full end-to-end solution that can be customized and integrated into the OEM’s systems, IT infrastructure, Cloud API (REST-API), and Embedded Systems.

L4B’s state-of-the-art OTA product includes monitoring and AI analytics for on the road vehicle systems:

  • Incremental Updates,
  • Central Update Campaign (Version Management & Control),
  • Multiple Embedded OS Support,
  • Management Console or REST-API for Cloud2Cloud Management,
  • L4B’s Update Agent (Supporting Various OS and HW Embedded CPU),
  • Secure Cloud Connectivity (TLS 2).

Secure OTA – is a SaaS platform that implements the OTA system combined with security features (AAA and TLS2/SSL) that is part of L4B’s connected car software platform.

L4B provides a secure and reliable OTA system to handle security threats by implementing additional security layers and features that minimize the risk of hacks near to impossible. Our technical solutions apply to practically all Embedded OS supporting systems and hardware layouts.