E2E infotainment software platform 

L4B’s End-to-End Support for commercial vehicle infotainment systems – Concept, Development, Integration, Testing and Validation – enables a fully connected driver’s experience. 

Working on all development and production stages – with Linux for Embedded Systems since 2004 and building secure Android Systems & Devices since 2009 (from the first Android release to the latest Google release – Android AOSP).

Our automotive software systems and software modules can be integrated into any Android and Linux OS based systems.

Our software systems for vehicle infotainment are Automotive-Grade OS based on containerized OS such as GENIVI™, AGL®, Android Auto®, and custom Embedded Android (AOSP) or custom Embedded Linux.

L4B AGL Member

We offer IVI (In-Vehicle Infotainment) custom OS and software modules with:

  • IVI Head-Unit VTS, CTS, and GAS (Google Automotive Service) integration, and validation.
  • Communication and integration with ECU Cockpit.
  • OS optimization (boot-time, OP-TEE, bootloader, recovery)
  • Android infotainment modules integration and communication with other ECUs.
  • Android CTS, VMS engineering support.
  • AGL and Android HAL customization, development, and integration.
  • Navigation Apps Integration.
  • VM and containerization of OS (Android, Linux) Support.
  • Infotainment BSP validation and integration with advanced logging and CI/CD
  • HMI applications development and integration (e.g. Qt-Automotive , Kanzi).
  • Communication components with Adaptive AUTOSAR compliance.
  • Diagnostics integration.
  • Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and NFC libraries integration.
  • Custom Automotive HAL
  • Multimedia Player and Streamer.
  • OTA updates.

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