Leading the Way in Automotive Infotainment Systems: L4B’s Comprehensive Services and Expertise

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L4B Automotive is not just a provider but a vanguard in automotive infotainment and cybersecurity. Since 2004, we have been delivering comprehensive, end-to-end solutions that are not only of superior quality but also thoroughly secure and fully integrated with the wider vehicle ecosystem.

Unmatched E2E Services with Cybersecurity Focus: From Ideation to Secure Execution

Alongside our extensive development services, we have a dedicated wing for operating system (OS) cybersecurity and penetration testing (pentesting). This focus ensures that the systems we develop are not only functional and user-friendly but also impenetrable fortresses against unauthorized access and data breaches.

Multi-Platform Mastery with Embedded Security: Linux, Android, AOSP, and AAOS

Our expertise covers a wide array of platforms, fortified by advanced security features. We specialize in integrating automotive software into Android, Linux, AOSP, and AAOS environments while enhancing their resilience through state-of-the-art cybersecurity measures.

Hypervisor and Containerization Support: For Optimized Stability and Security

Our services extend to hypervisor support for platforms like QNX, KVM, and XEN, and containerization solutions such as Docker and LXC. These technologies not only enhance system stability but also add an extra layer of cybersecurity, encapsulating critical applications in secure environments.

Tailored and Secure Operating Systems for Automotive Infotainment

We design automotive-grade Operating Systems that are not just high-performance and user-centric but also cybersecurity-hardened. Our portfolio includes OSes based on widely adopted frameworks like GENIVI™, AGL®, and Android Auto®, as well as custom solutions for AOSP and AAOS.

Specialized IVI Modules with Built-In Security Measures

  1. Security-enhanced Integration and Validation: From the ECU Cockpit to IVI Head-Unit, our integrated systems are thoroughly tested for both performance and security.
  2. OS Optimization with Security Layers: Experience optimized boot-time and fortified security with our specialized bootloader enhancements and OP-TEE security implementations.
  3. Android Specialties in a Secure Shell: Whether it’s Android HAL customization or Android CTS and VMS engineering support, all our Android services come with built-in security measures.

Comprehensive Feature Set for User Experience & Security

  • Secure and Connected Navigation: Our Adaptive AUTOSAR-compliant navigation and communication solutions come with built-in security features, ensuring data integrity and user privacy.
  • Multimedia without Compromises: Experience top-notch multimedia capabilities without sacrificing security, thanks to our encryption and secure data streaming protocols.
  • Virtualization and Secure Containers: Beyond hypervisor support for QNX, KVM, and XEN, we offer secure containerization through Docker and LXC, encapsulating each application in a secure environment.
  • DevOps, Monitoring, and Pentesting: Alongside robust CI/CD support, our advanced logging features are complemented by comprehensive pentesting to identify and rectify potential vulnerabilities before they can be exploited.

Ensuring Future-Readiness with Secure OTA Updates

Our Over-The-Air (OTA) updates are not just about keeping your system up-to-date; they are also about maintaining the ongoing security of your infotainment system, patching vulnerabilities as they are identified.

Why Choose L4B?

  • Legacy of Security and Innovation: Our extensive experience in multiple platforms is augmented by our focus on cybersecurity, from OS hardening to pentesting.
  • Custom and Secure Solutions: Our tailored services meet your specific needs and exceed industry standards for security.
  • Commitment to Quality and Security: We adhere to stringent validation processes and Adaptive AUTOSAR compliance while also incorporating advanced cybersecurity measures into every project.


When it comes to automotive infotainment, L4B offers a package that’s not just technologically advanced but also cybersecurity-hardened. Partner with us to elevate your automotive infotainment systems to new heights of quality, user experience, and security.

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