Our software components and software integration services support completely connected car V2X channels from Embedded ECU devices to Secure Managed Cloud. We provide Embedded Software solutions to enable connectivity and big data analytics. 

Integrated Cloud Analytics and Real-time Embedded Software are being analyzed in real-time from the car’s sensors and provide advanced alerts to the driver:

Connected V2C

The result products are advanced RT analytics (descriptive, predictive, and prescriptive) employing Machine Learning to adapt to an ever-changing environment, dependent on non-real-time web services. Integration from in-car ECU RT data analytics to and from Cloud.

Mobility management:

  • GPS & inertial navigation,
  • Roadside assistance,
  • Voice commands,
  • Contextual help/offers,
  • Driver Behavior Analytics from the car’s telematics,
  • Parking and localization allocations,
  • Video Analytics and Streaming services.

Driver assistance:

  • Medical assistance,
  • Fuel consumption optimization,
  • Safety: eCALL (regulated and mandatory in the EU),
  • Real-Time Alerts,
  • Security for Connected Cars.

Vehicle management:

  • Over-the-air vehicle condition diagnosis, service reminders, and tune-ups,
  • Engine controls,
  • Smart car obd2
  • Remote operation, transfer of usage data,
  • Geo-Fencing and Location,
  • OTA services – Update Securely remote and reduce recalls.

Connected V2I

Offers integration with 3rd Parties to achieve:

  • Intersection movement assistance
  • Emergency vehicle approaching (notification),
  • Road works warning.


The fusion of sensors input from more than one vehicle enables instant reaction through automatic monitoring, alerting, braking, and steering activities (IEEE 802.11p).

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