L4B Automotive: Pioneering V2X Connectivity for Enhanced Driving Experience

Welcome to the future of automotive connectivity with L4B Automotive. Our cutting-edge software components and integration services seamlessly connect your vehicle to everything, from embedded ECU devices to secure, managed cloud services. We empower your vehicle with embedded software solutions that facilitate connectivity and harness the power of big data analytics.

Integrated Cloud Analytics and Real-time Embedded Software

Our integrated cloud analytics and real-time embedded software offer a sophisticated blend of technology and convenience. These systems analyze real-time data from your car’s sensors and provide advanced alerts to enhance your driving experience.

Connected – Vehicle-to-Cloud (V2C)

Our advanced real-time analytics utilize machine learning to adapt to the ever-changing environment, depending on non-real-time web services. The integration from in-car ECU real-time data analytics to and from the cloud enables a seamless flow of information, enhancing the overall driving experience.

Mobility Management

We aim to make driving as convenient as possible with our mobility management features such as GPS & inertial navigation, roadside assistance, voice commands, contextual help/offers, and driver behavior analytics. Additionally, we offer parking and localization allocations, as well as video analytics and streaming services to ensure you’re always in control.

Driver Assistance

We prioritize your safety and convenience with features like medical assistance, fuel consumption optimization, safety alerts including eCALL (regulated and mandatory in the EU), real-time alerts, and security for connected cars.

Vehicle Management

Our vehicle management services help you maintain your car’s optimal condition with over-the-air vehicle condition diagnosis, service reminders, and tune-ups. Features like engine controls, smart car OBD2, remote operation, transfer of usage data, geo-fencing and location, and secure OTA updates ensure your vehicle is always performing at its best.

Connected – Vehicle-to-Infrastructure (V2I)

Our V2I connectivity offers integration with third parties to provide intersection movement assistance, emergency vehicle approaching notifications, and road works warning. This ensures you are always informed and safe on the road.

Connected – Vehicle-to-Vehicle (V2V)

Our V2V connectivity leverages the fusion of sensor input from more than one vehicle, enabling instant reaction through automatic monitoring, alerting, braking, and steering activities (IEEE 802.11p). This advanced feature enhances not just your safety, but also the overall driving experience.

At L4B Automotive, we believe in the power of connectivity to transform the automotive industry. Join us in driving the future of V2X connectivity.

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