Car-IT Experts

We provide Automotive Embedded Software solutions , Automotive Engineering Services with integration for ECUs ,ADAS and IVI Systems:

Full product life cycle management:

From stand alone product to automotive standard integrated system

  • Automotive Engineering Services
  • System design and SW architecture
  • Project management and V&V quality assurance
  • Software security,encryption and testing
  • Complying with ASPICE , IEC 61508, ISO 26262 ,CMMI and ISO 9001:2015 ,ISO/IEC 90003:2014

Software development and integration for ECU and IVI ,Car-IT expertise:

  • Embedded SW and multi-core integration
  • BSP (Board Support Package) , Middleware and API integration
  • Applications development for Head Unit: HMI for Automotive-clustering based on Linux, QNX and Android platfroms
  • IVI head-units VTS ,CTS and GAS (Google Automotive Service) integration and validation .
  • Bring-up, OS porting and migrations, OS hardening and security kernel patches
  • Multi OS support : RTOS , Embedded Linux (PSE51 , Adaptive AUTOSAR), RTOS and Bare-Metal.
  • Integration of adaptive  autosar platforms and communication components development
  • IVI Development and customize modules for custom Automotive Grade Android, AGL, GENIVI Linux.
  • Adaptive AUTOSAR modules and component development

Algorithms for a variety of ADAS and Connected Car tasks:

  • Processing and sensor fusion of cameras (visible & IR), LiDAR, mm-Wave RaDAR, ultrasonic sensor, 9-DoF IMU, GPS, and environmental sensors (temperature, pressure, humidity, etc.)
  • Development of adaptive systems for cloud-based advanced analytics. Read More